Dan Beverly
A thought to start the week: “just 5% more”.

Just 5% More

If I asked you to be just 5% more this week, what would you do?

5% more productive. 5% more focused. 5% more patient. 5% more resilient. 5% more balanced.

Thinking in increments of 5% relaxes the mind and we notice so much that we could be doing. Try it now – and notice how options previously unseen come to you readily. Because the answers are always right there, within us.

This is how success and growth work. They’re continua. We don’t go from nothing to something. We go from something to something more. And those increments will add-up pretty quickly – just think what you’ll achieve over the longer term.

So acknowledge what you have and what you’ve achieved. And then look for just 5% more.

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Dan Beverly

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