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A Quality of Thought: “Intentional Imbalance”

When I hear a request for more “Work/Life Balance” from my clients, I offer them – and now you – an alternative phrase to work with: “Intentional Imbalance”.

Two words. Two ideas.

INTENTIONAL. Because when we lack a sense of “Work/Life Balance”, what we really mean is we’re making compromises that we’ve allowed to slip into our day-to-day. And we’d like to say “unintentionally”, but a lack of intention in one direction is intention in the other. So, I want to be wholly intentional about how I setup my life.

IMBALANCE. Because when we lack a sense of “Work/Life Balance”, we don’t mean “balance” in the sense of “an equal amount of”. We mean choices. And paired with my intentionality, I want to make powerful choices about where I’ll spend my focus – and where I will not.

“Work/Life Balance” is a phrase we all know the meaning of and intention behind. But nevertheless: I want to upgrade my language: because language is important in helping to create my internal working model of the world.

Set yourself the goal of “intentional imbalance”; and see if it doesn’t get you to your desired state quicker and more powerfully than working towards “Work/Life Balance”.

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