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A Quality of Thought:
The Most Important Step in ANY Task

The most important step in ANY task is this. COMPLETION.

When I work with someone who’s struggling to get a project moving, I invite them to focus on one thing only. Action #1.

And I ask them to make that Action #1 as small as possible. Of course, it’s still a step forward. But it’s a tiny one. And their procrastinating self doesn’t have any problem with that. It’s too small to worry about. But from that humble beginning, their off. And procrastination is no longer the problem.

And so, maybe we say Action #1 is the most important step in any task. And I agree: it’s right up there on the priority list.

But we all know this. We all know – and focus on – initial actions.

What we’re not so good at. What we need to be reminded of. Is COMPLETION. Finishing. Closed. Job done. Line drawn.

Imagine, for a moment, if your time management mantra was COMPLETION. If that were your primary focus, how much more effective and productive (and happy!) you’d be.

An open invitation for you: over the coming days, reflect on the idea of COMPLETION.

Notice where things are currently incomplete. Notice how draining it is to have those things open. And carry in to your near-future: a staunch commitment to close open items; and to bring a focus for COMPLETION to every new project.

From here on in. Make your focus: COMPLETION.

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