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A Quality of Thought: High Performance Leadership is … The Creatable Future

The best thing about any negative past is that it’s done with and over, forever.

The trick is to know that. Else we fall into the thinking trap of actively keeping that negative past going with stories and beliefs and negative thinking. We know how negatively affected we are – but have lost sight of the fact that we’re the ones keeping the story going!

But we can’t unthink a thought. We can only think anew.

The High Performance Leader doesn’t see the negative past; only The Creatable Future.

The High Performance Leader looks at difficult, challenging or “negative” situations not with a “what’s wrong” filter; but with a “what’s possible” filter. The outside world communicating what’s creatable, in this present moment.

The phrase “It’s all just feedback!” is a mantra easier said than lived up to. But it’s intentions are good. If we condition ourselves only to fear and judge the external “negative” feedback, it becomes a barrier to understanding the very thing it’s here to show us.

Here’s an exercise to get comfortable – and creative – with the negative past.

  • Think back over the last few days at work.
  • Write down 2 things someone else did that you wish they hadn’t.
  • Write down 2 things you did that you wish you hadn’t.
  • Write down 2 things you wish just hadn’t happened, full stop!
  • For each, list the ways you can create a better future because of and thanks to this “negative” past.

And now: who do you need to be and what do you need to do to inspire this Creatable Future Thinking (not negative past story-spinning) in your team?

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