Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: High Performance Leadership is … Strong Internal Connection.

The High Performance Leader begins by connecting to their own purpose. To their hidden momentum.

But not only that. The High Performance Leader also disconnects from the damaging outside-in stance many (under-performers) take. Those who would look to the rest of the world for validation.

That combination of a strong internal connection and an outside-in disconnection, together form the High Performance Leadership Connection. And that connection produces energy.

Whilst the rest are looking for more energy to do all the things that are stacked-up on the “I should” ToDo list, the High Performance Leader is so connected to a singular purpose that what they do actually gives them energy.

Whilst the rest are distracted in the face of all the other agendas calling for their attention, the High Performance Leader is calm and focused, seeing everything in the day from that singular purpose.

Today: play a game. “Clock-in” whenever you are on your agenda – and “clock-out” when you’re not. Notice the correlation between how much time you’re spending on your agenda and the (high) levels of your performance.

And so, build the habit of being on purpose.

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Dan Beverly

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