Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: High Performance Leadership is Self-Leadership

There’s nothing more motivating (motive-to-act) than a leader who is in total command of themselves and their sphere. Not necessarily controlling everything.

Not necessarily without obstacles or fires. But so-connected to the leadership agenda, that those distractions don’t knock them of course. In short: in command.

And there’s nothing more deflating than being asked to follow someone who is not a self-leader. Who has no grasp of their agenda. I mean, would you follow such a person?

A lack of self-leadership shows up as distraction, bluster, fluster, disorganisation, projection. You get the idea.

By contrast, strong self-leadership shows up as creativity, tranquillity, focus, energy, discipline (meaning: “systems”), vitality and AGENCY.

Test your high-performing self-leadership stance by asking
“for what, am I an agent in the world?”

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