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A Quality of Thought: High Performance Leadership is … Coaching Before Managing

We know – from much research, professional development literature and, of course, our own hard-earned experience (both as leader and the led) – that a coaching style of leadership is one of the most positively impactful, over the long term.

But as a leader, that thought and good intention can easily be forgotten in the moment. So, try this: and see it from your charge’s point of view:

  • After I’ve been coached by you: my energy and power are way UP.
  • After I’ve been managed by you: my energy and power are way DOWN.

After I’ve been coached, I take that energy and power into the world. My high performance leader has reawoken spirit in me. I have breathed it in. (Inspire literally means “to breathe in”.)

But after I’ve been managed … I’ve just been managed. And little more.

“If either quality of a performance or learning from the experience is important, coaching is a must. If neither is, then tell – if you must.” — Sir John Whitmore

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