Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: High Performance Leadership is … Co-created Agreement

When I’m managing, I’m in a world of expectation. This is my expectation. This is what I expect of you. This is how you missed my expectation.

And I notice when I’m in a world of expectation because it’s all over here with me; or over there with you; but certainly not in the space between us.

When I am in my mode of High Performance Leadership, I’m no longer in a world of expectation. I’m now in a world of agreement: something I coach us to co-create, together.

  • Agreements are adult-to-adult – where expectations are parent-to-child.
  • Agreements are what-you-can-count-on – where expectations are hopes-and-wishes.
  • Agreements are passionate-involvement – where expectations are at-arms-length-disinterest.
  • Agreements are responsibility – where expectations are irresponsible. (Plain and simple.)

Amplify your leadership performance by making it a habit to co-create agreements with your people – for every single one of your projects, tasks and delegations.

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Dan Beverly

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