Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought:
High Performance Leadership is … Creativity

Whatever business we’re in, there is ALWAYS space for creativity. And in leadership, let’s take that one step further and say: leadership absolutely depends on it.

High performing leaders put creativity to good use. Everywhere.

  • Given an issue, they ask: “given this, what shall we create?
  • Given an obstacle, they hear: “we’re not being creative enough.
  • Given an opportunity, they think: “what future shall we create?

How do I know when I’m NOT creating? When I’m reacting.

When I react, I’ve not stepped-into my high-performing leadership self. I’ve left my creativity behind. But it’s only ever one thought away …

Given this, what shall we create?

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Dan Beverly

Dan Beverly is a leadership and performance coach helping women in leadership achieve their highest potential.

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