Dan Beverly

A thought to start the week: “get intentional”.

Get Intentional

Everything we think and do has a reason behind it. A positive intention.

It may not always be clear to us. It may not always serve the current or immediate goal. It may not serve our preferred long-term objective. But there’s positive intention there, somewhere.

To bring more success into our work and lives, we need to get intentional. With our thinking. With our decisions. With our actions. With our goal setting. With our goal achieving.

What else could we get intentional with? Areas often overlooked. How about career design? How about achieving balance? How often do we get intentional with those?

This here, all of it, should be OUR agenda. Not someone else’s. And if you’re not at effect, you’re at cause.

So whatever you choose to focus on and do: get intentional with it.

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Dan Beverly

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