Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought:
From Something to Something More.

We often hear, read and tell stories of going from nothing to everything.

And that’s fine for summarising the key milestones of a story. But let’s remind ourselves now that that’s never how it happens. Just like that, in one fell swoop. Success is a journey of increments.

Why’s it so important to remember that?

Because “nothing to everything” is unhelpfully polarised thinking that pervades into our day-to-day thoughts. And serves only to keep the success we want out of our lives.

Success (at least, in the real world) is not about things appearing out of nothing, like magic. It’s about acknowledging that there is something there already. Something that can be acted and built upon. And then moving from something, to something more.

Let’s take confidence as an example.

To start by saying I’m utterly lacking in confidence (so often said by many of us with unerring confidence!) is not an approach that’s going to work well or quickly. I’m not going to create confidence from nothing.

I need to see that I’m already somewhat confident. Perhaps not in the areas or situations I need it most; perhaps not about the right things; perhaps not to the extent I want.

But if I can acknowledge I’m somewhat confident: now we’re talking. Now I can work on moving myself from somewhat confident to more confident. And from more confident, to even more confident.

That’s where my most productive action will be. That’s the unbroken continuum on which my success depends.

So, notice the unhelpful stories you tell yourself about moving from nothing to everything. And replace those thoughts with a new idea:

From Something to Something More.

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