Dan Beverly

New Year’s Resolutions Part 1

New Year is such a wonderful time. I’ve said before: its promise and potential make it a naturally-occurring pivotal moment. The springboard for setting our sights and achieving new things.And of course, being in the goal-setting-to-goal-achieving business, I love resolutions. They give us direction, purpose, inspiration and motivation. Most of all, they give us ownership. And if we’re not working according to our own agenda, who’s agenda are we following?

But for all my love of New Year. For all my love of Resolutions. I never set New Year’s Resolutions – at least, not today. Not on 1st January.

Instead, every New Year I choose specifically not to set resolutions: to remind me that I don’t need to wait for 01 Jan. To remind me that I can set resolutions anytime I want and need to.

The ceremony around New Year is a useful motivator, I agree. But my thought is always to use that ceremony to celebrate the year just past; and the promise of the year to come.

It’s great to be motivated to set resolutions. But it’s greater to be motivated to set inspirational resolutions; and greater still to be motivated to achieve my resolutions. I find all that’s much more likely to happen when I temporarily postpone my resolution-setting; when I make today, 01 January, about reflection rather than resolution.

So my suggestion to you: spend today not setting resolutions, but instead reflecting on what you’ve achieved in the past year and what you will achieve in the year to come. And tomorrow, you’ll be in a better place to set resolutions of deeper meaning and purpose, infused with greater motivation and inspiration.

Next in the series: “Making¬†Resolutions You’ll Keep”.

Dan Beverly

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