Dan Beverly

01 January 2018.

If you’re anything like me, on this first day of the New Year you won’t be setting resolutions.

Instead, you’ll be taking the day to remind yourself that any day, any time, any moment can be hailed as the start of something new, fresh and reborn. And that we never need wait for January 1st to set-out our stall and go to work creating a new future.

At such times, we love to reflect. And we love to envision. But a word of caution:

All our power exists in the present moment. The Right Now. And we cede that power with too much living in the future and too much dwelling on the past.

So here are a few thought prompts to keep our reflection/envisioning usefully attached to this present moment.

The Past

  • What am I better at?
  • In what ways do people trust me more than they did?
  • How have I hidden less?
  • How have I shown-up more?
  • What difficult questions did I ask (and answer) of myself?
  • Who have I developed? (Especially when I didn’t have to.)
  • Who have I helped? (Especially when there was no upside for me.)
  • How pleased am I with my ratios?
    • Following vs. Leading.
    • Pleasing vs. Serving.
    • Problem vs. Solution.
    • Self 1 vs. Self 2.
    • Waiting vs. Acting.
    • Reacting vs. Creating.
    • Fearful vs. Fearless.
    • Past vs. Present.
    • Future vs. Present.
  • If I had my time over again, what would I not change, at all?
  • What advice does the Me of Now have for the Me of Yesteryear?

The Future

  • With everything I’ve experienced and learnt, what future shall I now CREATE?

Happy New Year.

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