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A thought to start the week: “80/20”.


There’s nothing at all new to be said about the 80/20 rule. (Pareto’s Principle of 80% of the outcome from 20% of the input.)

But I’ve been having such success – and fun! – with it in the last few weeks, I wanted to put it back on your radar.

Because the 80/20 rule is everywhere – if only we remember to look for it.

Think for a moment now and consider the difference it might make to you – at work and in life – if you were to focus near-exclusively on that 20% that delivers the majority of your desirable outcomes. The 20% that’s focused, productive, gets stuff done, delivers a sense of completion, energises and motivates you. That’s where our attention needs to be.

And now turn it around: where are you spending 80% of your time, energy, motivation and focus for a measly 20% return? You’d see the failing of that in a business deal – so why not when the trade is for your precious time and energy?

Take a decision now: what in your life needs to be rethought, modified, or just plain dropped? And what do you want to do now with that time and energy you’ve just recouped?

Any activity or project, big or small; at any level, micro or macro; an 80/20 approach can play its part.

So: where do you need to place your attention to get the most bang for your productivity buck?

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