Dan Beverly
A thought to start the week: “deserving of our goals”.

Deserving of our Goals

Alongside clarity, motivation, focus, perseverance and all the other qualities that contribute to successful goal pursuit, we need to hold 3 fundamental beliefs:

  1. Possibility: we must believe our goal is possible.
  2. Capability: we must believe we’re capable.
  3. Worthiness: we must believe we’re deserving.

How often do we contemplate the third? Not often.

We spend a lot of time focused on what’s possible; what we can do; what we need to work on; what we need to create. But typically, very little time reflecting on whether we think we deserve our achievements.

Worthiness is an important – but often overlooked – key to achievement. And so can be a silent saboteur of our success. Square-up to your feelings of achievements-worthiness and ask: what beliefs am I carrying about deserving my success?

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