Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought:
The Cost of Thought Without Action

Socialisation, our childhood upbringing, selective experiences and, in particular, the way our minds naturally work has us very used to considering the consequences of action without thought. Of acting without thinking.

But: how often do we consider the cost of thought without action?

And notice now the inherent imbalance in that, given how destructive thought without action can be. As in:

  • An insightful idea, forgotten.
  • An insightful idea, never brought into physical being.
  • A thought queue, forever blocked by circular thinking.

Make it your thinking habit to accompany every thought with an action, in the moment.

Imagine what it would do for you and your results to adopt this habit and never again stay stuck in your thinking, or limit your options and outcomes with thoughts, un-actioned. Even when that action is “tiny” or for the other side of your decision or in making a note on the next action(s) that need to be taken.

Thought + Action = Performance.

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