Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: Consistency + Courage

Aristotle’s quote “We are what we repeatedly do” is about CONSISTENCY.

Successful careers, enduring leadership and ongoing performance excellence are not one-time, gargantuan efforts to catch-up, fill-in, stop-gap, fire-fight. They are a network of the right thoughts and actions performed with CONSISTENCY.

Like going to the gym: I don’t get fit by going once. I don’t see much, if any, difference from one given day to the next. I get fit by going to the gym with CONSISTENCY.

Like brushing my teeth: I don’t have great dental hygiene because I brush my teeth sometimes. I have great dental hygiene because I brush my teeth every day, with CONSISTENCY.

Like having heathy, loving relationships: I don’t have that because once, I told those closest to me that I loved them. I have that because I tell them always, forever, with CONSISTENCY.

I achieve my goals by practising thoughts and actions with CONSISTENCY. I weave them into the fabric of my life. And I do so by acting out of COURAGE. Because, as Maya Angelou has often reminded us, without the (first) virtue of COURAGE, we cannot practise the other virtues with CONSISTENCY.

Whatever your next goal: Act from a place of COURAGE. And focus on what you can and must do, with CONSISTENCY.

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Dan Beverly

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