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“Have the future be a place you come from.”

Of course, it’s not at all a new idea to say leadership is about the future. About creating a vision, crafting a strategy, executing that plan – and taking your people with you.

But how much of that thinking and communicating and doing has been about moving toward something? Coming from a place of lack. A place characterised by the unhelpful absence of those qualities we want for our future.

And what positive impact might it have if our leadership was already coming from the place we want the rest of the world to move toward?

Our blockers: past and present

For our leadership to come from the place we want others to move toward, we have to overcome our nature: to be deeply rooted to the negative past and in the autopilot present.

Our instinctive nature has our give over the majority of our memories to “negative” experience – that’s how we learn and survive. And our instinctive nature has us on autopilot – that’s how we conserve resources and survive.

But we want to do more than survive. We want to thrive. We want to be exercise Conscious Leadership.

What’s gone before can serve only one useful function for the empowered leader: to provide working material for creating the future. A new future, markedly different from the default that we’re otherwise moving toward.

(And it’s “create” the future. Not “react”. Not “manage”. Not “drift into”.)

Too often, our recall of the past serves us destructively in the present, giving rise to blockers, obstacles and excuses – rather than data, feedback and learning – as sources of transformation (as opposed to simply information).

That’s a mistake. A misuse of our thinking, over which we have complete control. And after that: a misuse of our energy and our action, over which we have complete control.

To wrest back control: have the future be the place you come from.

Have the future be a place you come from

This idea was given to me as one hugely enlightening share from my own coach. And when I’ve gone on to share this idea with my leadership clients, it’s been an idea that’s really opened them up.

They’ve asked themselves the question: how can I bring more of our new future into this present moment? Who do I need to be, to have this future be in the right now?

And that’s what opens them up. Because more than a way of doing, future-sourced leadership is a way of being. And that, for them, has been a useful and empowering thought. And for those around them, a powerful source of motivation and inspiration.

So ask yourself: How can I have the future be a place I come from?

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