Coaching Agreement

Before committing to working together, I ask my coachees to sign an agreement: to reflect the arrangements made and to minimise potential for misunderstanding.

Below is the essence of my standard Coaching Agreement. Your actual Coaching Agreement will be bespoke to you and agreed ahead of your coaching series.



I agree to provide You coaching services to facilitate your personal development (“Coaching”) in the form of conversations or meetings (“Sessions”) on the terms detailed below.


  • You agree to commit to the coaching process.
  • You and I agree to be bound by the attached Terms of Business.
  • You and I agree to the arrangements and payment terms outlined below.
  • You allow me to list your name in my Coaching Log (for credentialing).


  • Period of Coaching is the elapsed time to complete ___ Session(s).
  • Commencement Date of the Coaching: ____________.

Our coaching alliance is designed by us, driven by your agenda. The above arrangements can therefore be extended by mutual consent, as coaching objectives evolve.


You agree to take full responsibility for the results you achieve.


  • You agree to pay a fee of ___ per session for a total fee of ___ for the agreed coaching programme of ___ sessions.

Payment Procedure

I kindly ask for payment in advance for each coaching session or block of coaching sessions. Payment should be made by bank transfer (details below).

Please note that your payments should be made on time. If you are having difficulty, please let me know and we can discuss. If you regularly pay late, I will need to end our work together.

If our time together is being paid for by your employer, I am happy to send an invoice well in advance, and will rely on you to see that it is paid on time.

Session Time

Coaching is scheduled at our mutual convenience. The day and time for the next session will be arranged at the end of each coaching session; or we can set dates for a block of sessions in advance.

Session Procedure

  • For remote coaching (via telephone or Skype), I offer to contact you at our agreed time.
  • For in-person coaching, we both commit to meet at the agreed time.
  • We both commit to being available, on time and well-prepared for our agreed session.

Between sessions, you may email me to share news, or if you are experiencing difficulties requiring further coaching support. As required, we can arrange a brief telephone call for this purpose which you can request by email. I may also call or email you if there is something to share or if I have a thought or idea which might be useful to you between our sessions together. I enjoy providing this extra level of service and will not charge for it.

Session Preparation

I want to provide you with the best possible service, support and coaching experience. As such, it is important you come well-prepared to each session, ready to report on and discuss actions and assigned homework.

From time-to-time, work and life will make it difficult to complete every assignment and point of preparation. For the occasional instance, this is understood and accepted.

However, coachees who continually come ill-prepared to sessions are unlikely to enjoy the deeper benefits of coaching; and where I feel the coaching programme is not being given the appropriate priority, then in both our interests I am likely to terminate this coaching agreement.

Missed Sessions

Life is imperfect and I will try to accommodate your needs, though I ask that you make our time together a priority.

Please note that I require 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation/change to our agreed time. Missed sessions or sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged for, so please take steps to keep your commitment.


By signing this Agreement, we agree to be bound by the attached Terms of Business and to the aforementioned arrangements and payment terms.

end of coaching agreement