Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: Chunky Productivity.

“Chunking” is about grouping like tasks. And it’s super efficient for our brain.

But it’s not how it usually goes.

Instead, our day is a chaotic mix of emails, calls and meetings. Of analytical processing and creative invention. Of trivial tasks and strategic projects.

And as we bounce from one level of thinking task to another, it costs us in resources and focus – and just a little more, each time. And over the course of a day, those otherwise unnoticeable costs start to add up.

So introduce a new strategy: and chunk your activities.

  • Got a string of calls to make? Do them all together, one after the other.
  • Constantly battling to stay on top of email? Put 2 or 3 slots (only!) in the diary to check your inbox.
  • Need to write status reports for your various projects? Step through them, back-to-back.

You can apply your chunking strategy at the macro level too: and theme your days. Strategy happens on one day. Business development on another. Creative projects, another.

Chunking is a beautifully brain-friendly way to move through your daily and weekly work. Experiment with it.


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