Dan Beverly

A thought to start the week: “choose to model, not compare”.

Choose to Model, not Compare

A great way to move forwards is to model ourselves on those who already have the success we’re after.

Think of someone now who has the business or career or life that you want. And notice how they’re doing their success. At both macro and micro levels, what strategies are they employing that you could borrow?

Who are they talking to? Who are they surrounding themselves with? What circles are they moving in? How big are they thinking? About what are they thinking? What decisions are they making? What action are they taking? And how often? What mantras are they living by? Where are they choosing to place their focus?

This is hugely useful input that we can choose to incorporate into our own approach.

Until we stop modelling and start comparing.

And then it becomes unhelpful. We forget that they’ve been at this for some time, when we haven’t. Yet. That they’re on the final leg of their journey when we’re just starting-out.

So learn from those out there already doing what you want to achieve. But choose to model, not compare.

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