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A thought to start the week: “capturing attention with movement”.

Capturing Attention With Movement

The brain is wired to detect movement.

It’s why it’s hard to find our keys or the remote. Why one of our responses to threat is to freeze. And why things in our peripheral vision only appear when they move.

Movement captures our attention.

What implication might this have for our working day? Here are some common scenarios to think about:

You’re highlighting your career achievements at interview; you’re giving a client presentation on your product; you’re pitching a business idea to investors; you’re advocating an approach for your in-house project.

Your audience isn’t wired for a static presentation of ideas. They want to be shown movement. So give your topic a history. And give your topic an evolutionary path. It’ll not only have more credibility; your audience (more specifically: your audience’s brain) will get it.

The brain is an attention economy. And in its desire to conserve resources, it wants to ignore whatever it can. Capture precious attention by introducing movement.

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