Dan Beverly

When we align with our passions, we’re at our best.

Whether that’s building a career, or a business, or a project or a life (none of which are mutually-exclusive, of course!), alignment brings our most inspired, motivated and powerful self to the fore.

Readily and seemingly without effort, we’re in flow, doing our best work.

And so it’s great when we: (1) know our passions; and (2) find authentic expression for them in the things we do.

But for those that don’t know their passion: what then?

And so I’m writing this post for those of us who don’t know what our passion is.

Because for some, not knowing one’s passion can be a source of great anxiety.

And worse, the apparently-mandatory!) search for one’s passion becomes this huge distraction that keeps them out of action. As in: “I can’t advance my … career/business/project/life … because I haven’t yet unearthed my passion”. And so I chose to sit in limbo, worrying about having no passion.

What to do? Simple:

Follow your work ethic.

  • When we work at something, we get good at it.
  • When we’re good at something, we start to enjoy it.
  • When we enjoy something, we start to feel passionate about it.

And so we discover passion in the doing of the thing.

Of course, many people do know their passion. And many of those follow their passion – and have great success doing so. And I love to hear that. And to celebrate their passion-driven success with them.

But for the rest of you: who perhaps (like me), don’t really abide by the advice: “do what you love”, you might prefer (like me) the alternative: “find ways to love what you do”.

Not knowing your passion need not mean
the absence of your best work or your best self.

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