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A Quality of Thought: Busy NOT Going For It

As I write this, it’s nearing the end of the calendar year. But I can choose any point in time to reflect on the year that’s been.

And one question I find helpful to make my reflections useful is this:

“Where have I been busy NOT going for it?”

Busy-not-going-for-it plays out in ways that make it easy for us to kid ourselves we’re moving forward. But in truth, we’re not. Not really. And we know it.

  • Busy-not-going-for-it is an email, when a phone call is an option.
  • Busy-not-going-for-it is accumulating knowledge, but not putting it to use.
  • Busy-not-going-for-it is blasting the network to build my connections total – but not actually connecting with anyone.
  • Busy-not-going-for-it is focusing solely on the quick-wins, in place of working diligently on the primary objective.
  • Busy-not-going-for-it is stacking the ToDo list with trivia, rather than focusing on The One Thing.
  • Busy-not-going-for-it is placing confidence ahead of action.
  • Busy-not-going-for-it is getting (100%) ready, when the action is available to us, now.

Check your week, month and year. Where have you been busy NOT going for it?

And what needs to happen – next week, next month, next year – to make the answer “nowhere”.

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