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The experience of brain-based coaching

What is Brain-based Coaching? How does it differ from other forms of coaching? What makes it so beneficial? And why might you choose brain-based coaching over other development options to improve your performance and accelerate your career?

For those that haven’t experienced it, coaching in general and brain-based coaching specifically are not widely understood. We get the general idea; we understand the mechanics; but we probably don’t know just how far it can take us. And that’s because coaching isn’t a concept, it’s an experience.

But we all need an answer to the most basic question:


My personal challenge

So a while back, I set myself the goal of writing the best overview of Brain-based Coaching available anywhere on the web. An article written in plain and accessible language that would get anyone new to coaching fully up-to-speed on what it is and what it offers. An article to prompt new thinking.

So below are a few key questions answered. And if this resonates with you, you might like to check-out the full article here.

The What, Why and How of Brain-based Coaching

And you can tell me if this is the best writing you’ve ever read on brain-based coaching.

What is brain-based coaching?

Coaching is a form of learning where a person (the “coach”) supports someone else (the “coachee”) to generate new thinking, create learning and self-development, and promote focused action in ways that benefit the coachee.

What’s the “one sentence”?

“facilitating positive change by improving the thinking”

What makes brain-based coaching so different?

Brain-based coaching is a coaching approach rooted in contemporary neuroscience, using the latest insights into how the brain works to create yet more powerful, positive and transformational changes for the coachee.

What sets it apart from other options?

Brain-based coaching is not consulting, counselling, mentoring or training. Rather, it is “self-directed” learning: focused solely on the coachee’s agenda; and on drawing out what’s already there. It provides the structure and process to help you draw on your best thinking and deepest insights. And it creates the environment for you to re-connect with your best thinking.

What brings people to brain-based coaching?

People come to coaching to make positive changes, achieve goals and create better results. They move on with greater clarity, direction and focus; increased self-awareness and responsibility; improved personal productivity, effectiveness and resilience; and increased confidence, motivation and conviction.

Is coaching right for me and my career?

Coaching is a powerful experience that can literally change people’s lives. But no one needs or should have coaching. Rather, each of us has to decide for ourselves whether coaching is the right option at any given moment.

The best article ever on Brain-based Coaching?

Maybe. Maybe not. But I hope it’s got you a little clearer on what Brain-based Coaching is, how it works and why it can achieve such transformational results.

And if it’s also got you curious about what brain-based coaching might do for you and your career, get in touch today and let’s have a conversation.

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