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A parting thought to close-out the week: “back of an envelope”.

Back of an Envelope

How much stock do you put in a back-of-an-envelope calculation or list?

For me, I love back-of-an-envelope work. Here’s why:

  • There’s little room for anything but the most important stuff.
    I’m prioritising.
  • It quickly gets a handle on the size and shape of the thing.
    I’ve got the big picture.
  • It’s not meant to last. This is about focusing on the right now.
    I’m present.
  • It skims the details and gets into action immediately.
    I’m taking action.

My back-of-an-envelope list is not in a favourite notebook. Presented just so, where it looks nice and pretty. That just promotes longevity for things to stay on my list. And then the “nag factor” becomes commonplace. And I just don’t get to stuff.

My back-of-an-envelope list is a temporary piece of paper (virtual or real) – and I need to act! I don’t want to hang on to it – I want it gone. I feel compelled to get those things off my list.

Give it a go. Try your next ToDo list on a (any!) scrap of paper. And see what happens to your productivity.

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