Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: An End in Itself

Whenever overwhelm starts to kick in, I invite my clients to slow down.

The ability to slow down is an essential skill for those who would master the art of self-leadership.

Because it’s when we slow down that we achieve clarity, focus, energy and commitment. It’s when we slow down that we know exactly what to come back to.

But how to do that? How do we check ourselves and find our pace?

By making the current task an end in itself.

Not a means to an end. Not a vehicle for carrying along with it the mountain of follow-on activities, associated or not. An end in itself. That way, we can relax into the current task, finding the joy in it and its execution in the moment. By focusing on completion Right Now.

How do we slow down? By making the thing an end in itself. By making everything an end in itself.

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Dan Beverly

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