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A Quality of Thought: Action Radar

For those times when we’re stuck: not knowing what to do, not knowing what to do first or next, not knowing how to get out of the thinking. We want to engage, what I’m calling, our “action radar”.

That part of us unconcerned with negative thoughts like: Do I know what’s next? Do I know which is the right choice? Can I do it? Will I cope? Could I handle that? What would people think of me?

And instead, is focused only on the meta-cognition (thinking about the thinking) of the “right now” – and in ACTION-BASED TERMS.

My action radar will show-up with questions like:

  • How much am I in the action, as opposed to in the thinking?
  • How much of my thinking is leading to immediate action?
  • How much action am I taking at the scene of my decision-making?
  • What actions am I avoiding / not taking {to keep this out of my life}?
  • What’s the smallest possible action that will kick-start this?

“Action Radar” – as a title for this technique – was inspired by English electronic dance group The Prodigy’s track of the same name (Action Radar, 2004). And among the lyrics is the chorus line:

“A little action is all I need.”

I love that action-inspiring thought! And I take it with me, on every single one of my projects – especially those where the next step is unclear.

Take a moment to remind yourself: a little action is all you need. And that option is available to you, only but always.

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