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As my last post of 2016, a parting thought to close-out the year: “acknowledging 2016”.

Acknowledging 2016

It’s an oft-quoted self-development axiom that we routinely overestimate what we can achieve in a year.

Honestly, that’s not always been my experience. And in fact, quite the opposite: that more often than not, we routinely underestimate what we’ve achieved in the year gone by. So:

What do you want to acknowledge yourself for?

Acknowledgment is a positive and powerful way to move ourselves forward.

For the most part, we’re our own worst critic. We talk to ourselves in a harsh and uncompromising way. We constantly pick apart, analyse and discount the things we do. And our over-active amygdala makes sure these threats get lots of attention.

So instead: let’s notice what we’ve done well this year. Let’s stop and appreciate some of the Home Runs we’ve hit. Let’s identify and celebrate the successes we’ve had (and we’ve all had some!). Let’s champion our value and appreciate our contribution.

Do it now. And instead of thinking about the “year”, think about the last 12 months, the last 50 weeks, the last ~350 days (today, Friday 16 December back to 01 January 2016). And have a conversation with yourself:

  • I want to acknowledge myself for …
  • This year, I’ve had a real knack for …
  • I’ve been extremely good at …
  • I was particularly pleased when I …
  • I really made a difference when I …
  • What has stood out for me this year is …
  • The biggest difference between this year and last is …
  • My favourite piece of learning this year has been …

Set the right platform for 2017 by acknowledging your 2016.

Thanks for reading.

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