Dan Beverly
A thought to start the week: “a more worth less”.

A More Worth Less

Where are you – or those around you – creating a “more worth less”? Here are a few examples …

Staying overly-long in the office just to be seen. Time spent to create the illusion of hard-work and dedication, but instead full of busy-ness and drudgery that outputs little and robs us of much-needed recuperation time.

Or multitasking, creating the illusion of more work, but at the significant cost of creativity, imagination, attention and quality.

Or talking too much, feeling the need to fill the silence with more words to create the illusion of a compelling argument, where fewer well-chosen words and ideas would be worth so much more.

Amplify your time, energy and attention by noticing and undoing the “more” that’s worth less.

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Dan Beverly

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