Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: “A Cascade of Thoughts”.

There’s a way I use my thinking to keep myself stuck. It’s called a cascade of thoughts.

Let’s say I’ve been given an opportunity to run a mini side-project. And it’s an opportunity to showcase all sorts of talents and potential; but it’s going to require some work, some uncomfortable steps and some unknowns.

So, here’s how I hold it in mind. I … have to pull together a load of thoughts and ideas, before having to build a position around those, then having to shape that into some form of some output, before then needing to get input from all over, before having to get in front of the right people and talk about it in the right way, whilst having to field resistance and objection, before having to … and so on!

One long cascade of thoughts. Held in mind as some burdensome weight.

And from there: I do nothing. Too much future will do that to me.

Here’s an alternative: I notice the cascade; and instead, revert to Action Number One.

The smallest first step I can take to get moving on this project. And have that be the way I hold this idea in mind. Have that “Action Number One” get all my focus and attention.

Nothing more destructive than an unfocused mind. So, make “Action Number One” your focus.

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