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“People buy people.”

We all know this. But let’s get more specific and notice that it’s our Personal Brand that others are buying into, when they buy into us.

When we secure that promotion. When we’re successful at interview. When we win backing for our project. When we develop new business.

Our personal brand is at the heart of those successes. Because our personal brand tells the world exactly what it’ll get when it buys us. Because our personal brand is the truest and most-final differentiator we have: ourselves.

Your only true differentiator: YOU

And therein lies the power of working on your personal brand. It’s that intentional shaping of your most distinguishing asset. You.

When we work on your personal brand:

  • We achieve clarity on what we’re about.
  • We enjoy improved confidence and charisma.
  • We bolster our influence and impact.
  • We quickly establish trust and rapport.
  • We’re able to promote ourselves authentically.
  • We make it easy for others to “place” us.

And all that sets us apart.

Personal Branding as an evolution

As the world of work changes, so must we.

And no area of personal development is more in need of continual maintenance than our personal brand. Most especially for its critical success-defining characteristics of authenticity, consistency and relevance.

Here are 7 elements to revisit as you find new ways to maintain and evolve your personal brand.

Know thyself

People who stand-out are hugely self-aware. After all, you can’t stand-out from the rest if you don’t know who you are, what you’re about, what you really want and what you really stand for.

Do a piece of work to clarify your vision and goals and reconnect with your core values. What’s your purpose? Your point of view? The impact you have – and want to have? Get to know yourself again.

Feature your freak factor

The biggest watchword in anything to do with branding is “differentiation”. So why hide what makes you different? If anything, accentuate it!
What are you hiding away? And what would happen if you brought it to the fore in some wonderfully resourceful and creative manner?

Choose your One Thing

Stand-out personalities choose their “One Thing” – and then get to work being the best at that. And of course, they’re good at many other things too: but at this, they’re great. And everyone knows it.

What’s your One Thing? What do you find easier than anyone else? What do you not have to work very hard at to be brilliant at? What it is that you’re known for?

Be the consummate connector

We’re social creatures. And we need connection like we need air. Stand-out people don’t just network. And they don’t just connect other people in their network. They place themselves at the hub of the circles in which they operate.

Help develop and strengthen your organisation by getting to know your immediate and extended circles, both colleagues and competitors. And build the habit of making the beneficial connections others don’t see.

Think expansively

Stand-out people think bigger. They think deeper. They think adventurously. They think futuristically. Stand-out individuals demonstrate thought leadership that notices trends and acts on insights.

Dare to think expansively. And dare to venture into unknown territory to make that big thinking reality.

Add your signature

Often, we just know who’s the author by looking at the work. The quality. The standard. The precision. The creativity. It bears their signature. Stand-out people make their mark by marking what they do.

For those projects that are yours: put in your everything. And leave in it a piece of who you are. Apply the same thinking to the “smaller” things that fill you days, like calls, meetings and emails. And when it’s someone else’s work of which you’re a part: have your signature be simply letting theirs be theirs.


Stand-out individuals are givers first, not receivers. They are always looking for ways to help, ways to connect, ways to create. They put others at the heart of their thoughts, not themselves.

Always be thinking how you can be of service, not just how you can please. Always be present. And always be on the lookout for information, contacts and opportunities that would benefit your network.

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