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How often do you achieve a result? I’ll tell you: only ALWAYS.

We don’t always achieve our goals. We don’t always achieve a sense of balance and fulfilment. We don’t always find ourselves in career we love (or even like!). But we definitely get a result. And for many, that’s rarely the big results they want.

Why is that?

At the root of our results is our thinking. Which lead to behaviours. Which lead to results. Change your thinking and you change your results.

But here’s the issue: the brain is a cognitive miser.

And the brain’s concern for our wellbeing has us avoiding new, resource-hungry thinking. And instead, has us on autopilot. An autopilot that serves us (positively) in many ways. Is more dependable. Is more performant, even. But that can also get in the way of positive change.

And unchecked, our autopilot can be seen to serve an agenda other than our own.

So if you’re serious about making a change. If you want to actually achieve the goals you say you do. if you want to align yourself with what matters most to you. Then you need to master your thinking.

Here are the 4 thinking strategies most impactful on your results. Master them and achieve what you want. Be mastered by them, and get what you’ve always gotten.

#1 Priority Thinking

How often do we prioritise our priorities? Not often.

Take a look at yourself and those around you. Want to know what people’s priorities are? Look at where they spend their time. What they spend their money on. What they actually get and achieve. Those are the priorities. And they’re not often what they claim to be their priorities.

Get clear on your priorities. And notice how that list differs from what you’re actually achieving.

#2 Choice Thinking

We generally make the best choices available to us at any given moment. And whilst some of our actions may, in hindsight, seem misguided or ineffective, it most likely comes down to lack of awareness of other available options.

And that’s a significant thinking pattern. Because the person with the most choices – and the greatest flexibility to adopt an alternative – will have the best chance of achieving what they want.

Create choices by reframing the situation. And by challenging beliefs and usual ways of operating.

#3 Decision Thinking

Decision Thinking is all-powerful. Every significant change you’ve ever made was preceded by a committed decision. And notice the word “committed”. Not a preference. Not a wish. A decision.

To exercise the real power of decision thinking, notice that a decision is a moment in time. It is not something that you revisit or continually debate. It is a commitment, unswervingly taken. And then done.

Exercise powerful decision thinking by making lots of decisions, quickly. And going all-in.

#4 Action Thinking

Thinking is the most important thing. But without action, our change exists only in our imaginations.

Action Thinking is about getting into action at the scene of your priority-setting and decision-making. Build the thinking habit never to set a priority of make a decision without also taking Action #1.

However small, design Action #1 alongside every decision. And do it!

Taking responsibility for the results we create

When it comes to FOCUS: all we have is priorities and choices. Simplify your thinking to these two thoughts. What are my priorities? What are my choices? And notice how your current thinking strategies are lacking this focus.

When it comes to EXECUTION: know that every change is preceded by just two things: a decision. And an action. Build the decision-making habit – and get back to working on you and your agenda.

When it comes to RESULTS: the only person we need look to is ourselves. Take charge of your thinking.

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