Dan Beverly

Our careers are defined in the Pivotal Moments.

Those fleeting yet potent moments of special significance that determine a course for us. And whether the decision was avoided or taken; the opportunity missed or seized; the moment shrunk from or embraced. Our thoughts and behaviours in the moment place us where we currently find ourselves.

To help us prepare for, identify, embrace and capitalise on those moments – and so craft a career of our own design – here are 21 great coaching questions to ask yourself in those Pivotal Career Moments.


  • Picture yourself in your perfect, most-resourceful state. What do you need to do to move into that state now?
  • What will you do now to get yourself and your mind sensitive and attuned to the pivotal moments?
  • Fast-forward 10 years into the future. What have been your highlights and most-proud achievements?
  • With your 10-yr vision in mind, imagine telling the story of your success. Which pivotal moments featured?
  • Of the moments happening right now: which are you seeing, which are you forgetting and which are you overlooking?


  • What in your heart and in your gut tells you this could be a pivotal moment for you?
  • Imagine you’ve achieved success. In what ways did this moment play an instrumental part?
  • Which of your core values are aligned and expressed and which are in conflict, in this moment?
  • When you widen your gaze, who and what else in your life and work does this moment have meaning for?
  • What connections are you making between this moment and your higher purpose?


  • What do you notice about the qualities of your thinking in and about this moment?
  • What empowering beliefs are you going to adopt to help you in this moment?
  • What’s the main fear you’ll be overcoming when you embrace this moment?
  • To take full advantage of this moment, which version of yourself will you choose to be?
  • If you simply couldn’t fail, what would you do to embrace this pivotal moment to the full?


  • Imagine everything going according to plan. What do you see as possible from this moment?
  • What’s the very best outcome you could hope for – and what else could that lead to?
  • How much more stretch could you add to your goal and it still be achievable?
  • How will you and those around you know you’re achieving – and, ultimately, have achieved – your goal?
  • What action, however small, will you commit to right now to move you towards your goal?


  • If you were the coach for you, what advice would you have for you, in this moment?

A career by design

I believe our careers should be our own agenda – not someone else’s. And I believe our careers should excite and fulfil us – even on the off days. And I believe our careers should facilitate our life’s design – not compromise it.

By learning to be present in the pivotal career moments, we can determine that career design and wrest back responsibility for our career.

To help you stay present in your Pivotal Moment, I’d love to share with you my personal favourite of my self-coaching workbooks: “PRESENT IN THE PIVOTAL MOMENT“.

Present In The Pivotal Moment
Present in the Pivotal Moment
A self-coaching workbook

  • Connect with your long-term career vision
  • Build your definition of a “Pivotal Moment”
  • Get crystal clear on what to look for
  • Connect your moments with your purpose
  • Commit to career-long positive habits


Dan Beverly

Dan Beverly is a leadership and performance coach helping high-calibre, high-performing professional women embrace the pivotal career moments.

To work with Dan, go online to book “Session Zero” – and start capitalising on your pivotal career moment, today.